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CTV News
“New Info in Toronto Gold Heist”
CNN: Theft of Swedish Royal Jewels 
CNN: Dresden Green Vault Heist
CNN: Kim Kardashian Robbery
CNN Business: Mechanics of a Diamond Heist
Channel 5 (UK) "Heists"
“World's Biggest Diamond Heist”
Science Channel "Outlaw Tech"
The Antwerp Diamond Heist
History Channel "Evil Genius"
The Heist of the Century
Fox Business
How to Sell Stolen Jewelry and Diamonds
Fox News
Largest Cash Heist in L.A. History
CTV News
“Priceless Jewelry Stolen in German Heist”
CTV News  
"Who Could Be Behind The Toronto Pearson Heist?"
"Thieves Behind the Sylmar Cash Heist"
"Thieves Pull 'Ocean's Eleven' Heist"
French TV Documentary on the Antwerp Diamond Heist
History Channel "Beyond Oak Island."
History Channel "The UnXplained" on the D.B. Cooper Heist
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ABC News

Were Pink Panthers Behind Record-Breaking Gem Heist?

Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Cannes On Alert This Year After Audacious Diamond Heists

The Associated Press (AP)

French diamond thief actually took $136 million

The Associated Press (AP)

Jewel heist on Riviera raises security questions

The Australian

Daylight Robbery


Jewelry Heist Expert on Why Kim's Theft Was a Perfect Storm


How A Tiffany's Employee Stole $1.3 Million In Jewelry


Seven Tools for Discerning Burglars


Life imitates Hollywood

CNN’s New Day

TV Appearance Transcript

French Rivera Heist

CKNW (Radio)

$30 Million GardaWorld Heist

CKNW (Radio)

Huge Gold and Cash Heists

CTV News (Canada)

Toronto Pearson's Most Recent Gold Heist Wasn't Its First

CTV News (Canada)

Value of Diamond Jewelry in Cannes Heist

The Daily Beast

The $50M Diamond Heist In Belgium

The Daily Beast

The Kim Kardashian Heist

The Daily Beast

The Man Who Hoarded Art

The Daily Beast

Belgian Diamond Heist Solved?

Entertainment Weekly

The Jewel Heist That Wasn’t There

Expressen (Sweden)

Expert: That's Why The Crown Jewels Were Stolen


How Man-Made Diamonds Will Disrupt

Fox News

Kim K’s Diamond Ring Could Be Tough to Unload

 The Hollywood Reporter

Jewelry Heist Expert on Why Kim K’s Diamond Theft

The Hollywood Reporter

 How Much Insurance Money Will Kim Kardashian


Will They Get Away?

La Libre (Belgium)

Le Casse Du Siècle

The Los Angeles Times

Brink's Truck Heist

The Los Angeles Times

L.A.'s Largest Cash Heist

NBC 4 Los Angeles

Heist Expert Weighs in on Sylmar Cash Theft


Some Crime Does Pay: The Art Of The Heist


The Global World Of Mega Heists

NPR Morning Edition

For European Gangs, A Gem Of A Growth Industry

The National Post (Canada)

Full Comment Podcast

Cracking the $20-million Pearson Airport Gold Heist

The New York Post

Why The $30 Million Heist Could Go Unsolved

The New York Post

A New Bling Ring is Plaguing Hollywood Celebs

The New York Times

Jewel Theft Stuns French Riviera


Heist Could Only Happen in LA

People Magazine

Everything We Know About Kim K's Paris Heist

People Magazine

What Will Happen to Kim K's Jewels?

Radio QR Calgary

Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge Podcast

The Telegraph (UK)

A real-life diamond heist on the Riviera


A Jewellery Heist Expert Explains

The Toronto Sun

Do No Arrests Mean The Gold Heist Perps Got Away With It?

Town & Country

The Real Story Behind the Great Green Vault Grift


A Heist Expert Explains How

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